If you own a license to drive a vehicle anywhere in the world, and you’ve been in traffic long enough to day dream, then It’s pretty easy to assert that you’ve probably wanted to blast off directly out of gridlocked traffic and rocket to your destination with the flip of a switch, or some voice activated transform. I have to believe that was where it all started for Dutch Road-able Aircraft company P.A.L-V One. Personal Air & Land Vehicle all in one! The PAL-V ONE is a two seat hybrid car and gyro-plane: a personal air and land vehicle.  This rare bird can reach from 0 to 50mph in less than 60 seconds with maximum takeoff weight of a little more than 2000lbs. and fold back in just 10 min. PAL-V is a complete combination of adventure & liberation. Expect to see the PAL-V in 2014 and costing approximately $300,000. Your welcome..


One thought on “FANBOY :: FUCK TRAFFIC by PAL-V ONE

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