eliza-bennett-sews-thread-into-her-flesh-designboom-03Using her own skin as a canvas, British artist Eliza Bennett has realized a self-inflicted sculpture, woven into the palm of her hand. Considering the flesh as a base material, Bennett carefully stitches patterns and lines into the epidermis of her body using colored thread. ‘A woman’s work is never done’ results as an incredibly worn-looking hand, overworked and fatigued. by using intricate embroidery techniques traditionally used to symbolize femininity.

eliza-bennett-sews-thread-into-her-flesh-designboom-011 Bennett challenges the notion that ‘women’s work’ is light and easy. ‘through a personally charged perception, I explore a range of issues relating to the formlessness of both individual and social reality’,, says Bennett of her ephemeral sculpture’s significance.

eliza-bennett-sews-thread-into-her-flesh-designboom-02The administered piece on the surface of her skin aims to chronicle the effects of labor intensive work, while drawing attention to low paid jobs such as cleaning, caring, and catering, all of which are traditionally considered to be gender specific towards women.




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