Towards the end of the year we all seem to be pressured in to buying gifts for people for all sorts of reasons, not all of them related to the Christmas. Aside from having to do holiday shopping for the immediate family, you might have a boss or co-worker you want to get something for who is hard to please. Maybe you have a rich ass cousin who swears to know everything all the time or you might just be an individual who is just looking for something to splurge on for themselves. Either way I’ve put together a short list of really cool gifts to give the mother fucker who has everything, if money were no object .. of course!

10) Scrooser

•Nothing would be cooler than mashing down the street in huge tires and a rechargeable power source. This scooter/cruiser would make anyone at any age smile endlessly as they relive their youth in a modern sensibility.

9) Flying Squirrel Wingsuits

•You can have all the TOM FORD suits in the world, but if you don’t have a Wing Suit in your closet…stop playing!

8) Skyrunner ATV

•Great gift for a shy and timid person with a flash of crazy in the way they think of shoes. Think about it…

7) Sunseeker Predator 92

I really feel like handing someone the keys to a yacht is a feeling we as humans should all endure. But for the select few that have expirenced presenting someone with a Boat of all things. Bravo! Great gift for anyone who thought the NOTORIUS B.I.G version of  “Hypnotize” was a dope video!

6) Skelator Arm-Chair // Harow


•Definitely for the Villian and Hero in us all.. Great way to stay motivated to conquer any task. I would not give this to anyone who doesn’t appreciate the ‘HUSTLE’. Awesome incentive for a young money individual.

5) Hand painted Skateboard back pack

redruM in the matrix

•Part Art installation, part dope ass back pack. This would be a great gift for the ‘sponsored’ skater or city commuter who happens to be an illustrator for your favorite comic book/magazine. Either way it’s poetry in motion where ever it ends up. Especially since there is only one in the world ever made! #G005E

4) C Explorer 5

•If you have a buddy who endlessly loves to talk about cars and how many they have, guaranteed that the words mini Sub won’t be a part of that conversation. Great gift to give someone who is bound by ego to indulge in the unknown only to prove something. End of the day everybody wins whenever you can take the whole family cruising the bottom of the ocean. Preach!

3) Multi-touch Coffee table // MOZAYO

•Anyone can get an xbox One, or a playstation 4, but nothing says fuck your Ipad like a multi touch coffee table!

2) Phantom 2 Vision

•IF your girlfriend or significant other has ever broke your camera or helicopter (or both for that matter) I’m not sure there is any other way to really show you care than to un-box this for an anniversary/birthday/xmas  present. Bonus points for participating in the first home video movie from this a plus! Great gift idea for the adult gamer pro who still plays Counter Strike on PC.

1) Gold Lamborghini  Adventator

•IF you happen to be in position to get someone a Gold Lambo Advent….TURN UP! Great gift for the person who literally has everything…except a gold Lamborghini! Nothing in my opinion is the biggest complement to your pockets like GIVING someone a Lamborghini let alone a Gold one. Happy Birthday! …or Sorry for Vegas Honey!


Make sure the person your giving something to will appreciate it. You never want to give an asshole something to bitch about.

100% no strings attached. Getting something with someone else’s money is one thing, but don’t put someone in a financial bind for the sake of giving. Not worth it.

Don’t splurge to win someone over. simple

Never give anything as a gift if it’s cooler than your own… it will only legitimize your selection if your in a position to give something awesome.

Never mention or annoyingly remind someone of your generosity. If you have to do that ever down the line, refer to the first rule.



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