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“DAFT FUNK” editorial for FUCKING YOUNG magazine! issue #3: FUTURE #DiorHomme

Helmet’s Art Directors: Luca Finotti and Paolo Zagoreo
Photographer/Art Director: Luca Finotti
Fashion: Paolo Zagoreo
Models: Stefan Knezevic @Independent Men + Joschka @Boom the Agency
Hair: Fabio D’onofrio @ T.W.A. Agency SRL
Make up: Luca Cianciolo @Close Up Milano
Assistant Photographer: Marco Crema
Fashion Assistant: Anna Bernasconi
Digital Operator: Alessandro Damato
Gaffer: Luca Trigilio
Prop Designer: Luigi Battaglia
Prop Designer’s assistant: Andrea Traversa
Second Assistant: Giulia Capresi

Helmet Customization by:

Nino Falanga, Stone and Spear, Humberto Cruz Jr., Anna Milada. Giacomo Nee & Luca Mainini.


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