FUCK YOUR SKATEBOARD. High Tech Composite parts company IXO-Ingeneria in Europe apparently stumbled across the idea of manufacturing not only the most innovative skateboard to date, but the sexiest skate deck EVER! Attempting to duplicate a carbon deck, is more a testiment to craftsmanship than just a DIY‘er looking to save money on a carbon fiber deck. The finishingPolishing the surface takes at least 6 times with 8hr curing times in between with expensive varnish from duPont that allows you to have a glossy mirror finish that is hard to achieve for most people who are used to maple boards.


The actual Skateboard deck, is totally wrapped in carbon fiber prepreg, and core of nomex® honeycomb. Painted with duPont® high glossy varnish and also comes w/ full set of titanium grade 5 screws and nuts. Speaking of which, probably something most sponsored boarders will be doing once they catch a glimpse in person. The idea makes normal skateboards seem like old technology already, imagine when it becomes the #endustrySTANDARD for competitive decks and rolling on a “vintage” board will be for the OG’s only!..


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