Do you look more like your Mother, or more like your Father, Not only was that the conundrum presented by the “Artist formely Known as” but it could also be considered an insult if you look more like your dad..and your a basic woman. I’m sure we’ve all came across that person at work, or in passing that one can agree won’t pass the eye test up close, so I always find it funny whenever there is food for thought towards contrary beliefs and urban myths about “ugly people. According to Canadians, Homely kids can do what ever they want in the store and are usually the ones wandering the toy section like it’s their temporary baby sitter, while cute kids get all the attention and then some.. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t have any attractive people if ugly people weren’t having bus loads of sex, seeding the planet with cute kids all over the world like an invading species of bacteria, jumping from species to species in an evolutionary circle of life. C’est La Vie!

ARNO : THE PERFECT MIX, no matter the ingredients // advertising campaign created by Brazilian ad agency PUBLICIS.


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