Its hard to think about a time when as soon as the summer was coming, I was not ever considering what color J’s to get. Being a recovering Sneaker-Head, Air Jordans were arguably  the most customizable shoe on the planet. When talking to cats who collect shoes super crazy, the conversation all of a sudden gets personal when you start discussing which Jordan shoe (new or old) is the best ones to have.


It’s for that reason I represent a culture of enthusiasts that have made everything “Micheal Jordan” the standard of pretty much everything to admire. Because he’s been able to seemingly, at will attempt to conquer any sport he wishes. People consider him the Absolute athlete in every regard. At times it almost seems to be the same reason why his business sense comes off as more to do with an imposing Ego to be great all the time even if something doesn’t work out or a venture does not succeed. At the end of the day He’s Micheal Jordan, everything is a win/win scenario when you’ve been dope for that long. One thing that most people don’t know about Micheal Jordan is that he owns a motorsports team #notAGame


People will always debate his accomplishments and attempt to prioritize players in his likeness. Micheal Jordan has affected soo many peoples lives in his tenure, he can be considered by some to be a god among men. That’s why it seems Blasphemous to compare anyone to what he’s been able to accomplish on the court and the impact he’s made off it. Unless you can make an impression on someones life the way Micheal Jordan has, most people can’t even have the discourse to begin with. I have experienced this with my own eyes, felt it with my own feet, spoke about it to OG Piston Fans, and a host of other emotions behind something the Micheal Jordan brand has contributed to.


Whether it was a Chicago Bulls beating to the Lakers back in the day, or ducking gun-fire from neighborhood shoe bandits. Micheal Jordan is such an important part of popular culture, that if Aliens wiped us out tomorrow, with all the magazines, shoes, commercials, debates, books, careers, teachers, trainers, copy-cats, haters, fans…they would believe him to be one of our gods. Today, Febuary 17th is Micheal Jordans 50th birthday. Congratulations to an unbelievable life, and cheers to 100 more. Long Live MJ.


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