Sometime I feel like living on the West Coast has me a little jaded when it comes to meeting some of my favorite creative people, and honestly sometimes I would rather not. In the same sentence I can also mention the fact that every now and then you run into people that change your life in every way positive. I don’t know how to put into words how that experience feels to give it any justice, but I’d bet it would be something like if I would of got the chance to meet the Late, Great & Talented Mr. JAY DEE. (J.Dilla) Every music device I have ever owned in my life has been blessed with something Dilla created, it would of been an honor to cross paths with this young man. Luckily I get to appreciate his music with so many people, and it’s always funny when my white friends discover Jdilla on there own. It’s Hilarious when they ask me “have you heard of a dude named Dilla?” …and that’s been happening my whole adult life.   I really feel like your not living if you can’t appreciate good music, I Thank you for your contribution to tasteful compositions and honestly some of the best music of my life. Better yet, since every Feburary is dubbed Dilla Month Long Live Jay Dee!


J Dilla Figurine Created by Philip Young Song in collaboration with the J Dilla Foundation

There is no such thing as a favorite record to me, it’s more like which cut did you have the most fun with. Personally “Climax” sealed the deal with me a long time ago when I first heard the hook. That summer was CRAZY. I think the first time I got my hands on an old version of imovie back in the day, I couldn’t wait to put a ‘Dilla sample in it. Peep::

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