When it comes to anything that can be fashioned from Home Depot straight out of a comic book, I’m all about it. Especially when it can be fired from my wrist! Who else to bring us closer to living the dream of being the alcoholic, playboy, narcissistic philanthropist, Tony Stark then trained hobbyist Patrick Priebe. I came across his website one day when I was looking for something to go with my IronMan boots. Very surprised to see that this cat actually makes laser guided, wrist mounted weapon systems practical, and attractive for anybody to appreciate. Wrist mounted cross bows, that shoot tiny metal bolts. 4 stage Gauss Rifle Coil-gun, to a Brass Steam-Punked LASER REVOLVER. Inspiring to say the least and definitely something to think about when everybody is looking for 2nd amendment protection for their fire arms. Well what if your Arms shot fire?


30551.iron-man-guante-real-laser.not Iron-man-glove We Have Ignition DIY-laser


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