FRIZZI ARNOLD was the winner of the Miss Tuning award, held back in April at the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Now the beautiful brunette got to enjoy the perks of her title, as she took center stage in a grand photo shoot in Helsinki, the Finish capital.


The amazing photo shoot was choreographed by professional photographer Max Steam, who choreographed Frizzi around some of the coolest cars the tuning world has to offer. The German organizers behind the calendar, pageant and the car show always pull out all the stops when it comes to getting the best photographer, the best cars, and generally making that year’s Tuning World ambassador look even lovelier than they already do.


Of course, when the ambassador in question is Frizzi Arnold, a raven-haired 22-year-old from the city of Chemnitz (which was called Karl-Marx-Stadt when it was part of the then East Germany), there’s only so much room for improvement. Ms. Arnold succeeds last year’s calendar girl, Mandy Lange, and Frizzi (along with photographer Max Steam) traveled to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, to shoot at various locations throughout the city, with a variety of vehicles ranging from hot rods to a wildly decorated big rig.

Unless you were able to score one of the just 1,500 copies of the 2013 calendar that were printed this will probably be the only way to check out the finished product. #stayFLY




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