Inauguration 2013 for President Barack Obama‘s second term was nothing more than the example of Class you would want to see in the worlds most fashionable family. Michelle Obama brought the fashion world to it’s knees with the Thome Browne ensemble she had put together for a short stroll down Pennsylvania Ave. She knew what she was doing with the lavender Gloves and the super-hero boots that got the Fashion world in an buzz talking about her fashion sense. It amazes me that when she puts an outfit together people loose their minds as if it’s un-heard-of for a black woman to be classy and sophisticated. There are a lot of women who should look to Michelle Obama as a role model, she holds down her husband (who’s just happens to be regularly busy with grown man “bidness”) and she manages to be a LOVING parent to her kids no matter what. There is a lot more than fashion sensibility to be gained here. S/O to the Obama’s for another Term.  #stayFLY

obama_sworn michelle-obama-blue-coat-dress-thom-browne-jcrew-belt AP608363303005_1_620x350 thom-browne Inaugural Parade Held After Swearing In Ceremony


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