The world is not going to end on December 21st 2012. In fact if you believe the world will end on that date then the world as you know it has been over for a long time. IF this past year were a movie it would tremendously suck ass until you realize what you have made it through until the end and then it would slightly begin to entertain you, like “wow..I almost died right there” or “I should of said something sooner” or the good ole; “animals don’t run like that….” Moral of the story is not to wait for something you can’t control to alter things you have no control over. Change your fate immediately as you gain piece of mind on the subject, do it as soon as you think about it. Too much time can be wasted waiting for something to happen. If you feel the world will end on December 21st 2012, you have no excuse to be doing the same shit everyday as soon as you figured that to be your truth. Jump all the way in the bullshit don’t just get your toes wet. If your the type of person that is always scared of the next new monster to come and get you, you’ll never live the life your were intended to live. Grab that girl you like and kiss her on the mouth, live out your wildest fantasies even if only for one night. Make believe you exist as a fire breathing “Liger in the land of Unicorns & Hobbits, what ever it is now is the time to live it up! I personally would like to dress like a different member of IN LIVING COLOR  everyday until DOOMSDAY as long as I can find something that matches with sarcasm and the smell of JOOP.

end game // 21 2012

With every scenario known to man attempting to explain the “specialphenomenon and circumstances we have arrived to towards the end of the year 2012 at the end of it I’m almost ashamed to be human. As a whole species if our ingenuity was an apple product I doubt anyone would stand in line for it ever. But when you spread stupidity across the world in different doses everyone can call someone a dumbass. 2012 is playing host to at least a hundred different End Game Synerios I just want to take the time to discuss a few of my favorites.

GALACTIC ALLIGNMENTgalactic alignment // END GAME 2012From what my professors at YouTube University have to say about this impending doom is trivial to say the least, and Scientific code for “we don’t know shit.” December 21 2012 marks the winter solstice in which our planet will align itself in the middle of the milky way galaxy and then all hell breaks loose? Pole shifts, and unforseen natural disasters, Mother nature literally, Harlem shaking all biological life off her shoulders until only the people who have spent time and energy building bug-out bunkers underground live on to repopulate the what was formerly known as earth. {Chris Jovan ~ Theoretical Scientist}

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE zombie apocalypse // end game 2012 The Zombie Apocalypse for what ever reason seems the most plausible of the bunch simply because this is normal behavior of stupid people anyway. Black Friday shopping is the case in point to how people mindlessly wander looking for whatever they have been mind-fucked into buying. Bath salts have contributed to flesh-eating zombie like assaults on people caught on camera all over the world, so the effects of the lack of socially approved common sense, seem more like a drug epidemic than an actual plague. It’s only when you factor in the reality that your actually running from somebody that just wants to eat you is when shit starts gets real. It’s never been cooler to have a Louisville Axe Bat w/ Train Spikes readily available the way it has been thanx to the uptick in the pop culture’s new found addition to the undead. Thanx to the Walking dead and movies like Contagion or 28 days Later, for mentally preparing me for the impending World War Z.

WORLD WAR 3WW3 // end game 2012 It’s hard to think that we have been at war for over 15+ years with some country mainly in the middle east and we haven’t had more ass whoopins over here on our home turf. Making it even harder to believe the reality of the concept that World War 3 in most cases has already been initiated. The mindset of politicians, mixed bloodlust of the red state consumer, doused in bullshit and death. That is a powder keg for someone to get pissed off and shoot everybody at the party. I don’t know much about who’s doing what to whom, I just know that there is blood on everyone’s hands and because of that we have reached an age of military and technological advancements that can do insane amounts of damage from thousands of miles away making it that much more volatile circumstances for random acts of violence to be misinterpreted as war game exclamations. Making it inevitable for a whole lot of scary people to hit the button at the wrong time. IF some BOMB Weed and good Loving can’t cure that shit…I immediately understand why you would be so upset to want to bomb the piss out of everybody. Imagine if you were incapable of enjoying anything because you were mad all the time. If you want to hang out in cliffs and call your god by a different name GO NUTS. If you disown Vagina as a Demon you should be able to do that, as long as you don’t hurt little boys in the process. It’s only when people try to impose their beliefs upon the masses, and attach social consequences and moral penalties will there be resistance. That shouldn’t be a reason for people to die, or live by popular standards. You would have to be getting paid big time or have ulterior motives to want to start shit in other countries regardless of what people think about it. War is profitable to a country that sells Weapons…


My favorite end game scenario has to be the moment Aliens decide they want their planet back and stop fucking around and full on start fucking shit up. There are a lot of people who are convinced that they have classified several alien species here among certain cities and remote areas on the planet. This is probably the most creepy end game scenario among the others, because not only are we in the infant stages of understanding our place on our own planet, we are still trying to predict how another race of  potential predatory aliens will interact with our feeble existence on a rented rock in a place we call the “Milky Way”. The arrogance of some of these scientists and astrologers attempting to explain things that are more like magic than science. I hope we don’t have an all out battle royal over the planet, if what we’ve come to understand so far about things we see in the sky is any indication of how stupid we really are as a species, imagine what future Biological Entity would think of you trying to shoot it with a shotgun. If I were an alien I wouldn’t even leave my ship until All stupid people were “scrubbed” from the planet. I’m sure there are other arrogant lifeforms out there and It would suck to meet one, especially knowing how we treat each other when a hobo asks for change outside of the grocery store and we step over them ignoring their basic need as a human. Imagine how another species that eat humans would treat us..

However we go out, if that ends up being the case, it will be something we didn’t prepare for or how else will it be a success. If not worrying about dumbshit has taught me anything in life it’s don’t sweat the shit you can’t control. Live life to the fullest and tell your mother you love her. #KUSH


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