George Lucus has a lot to do with every reference that makes this innovation SUPER DOPE, especially if you had anything to do with the 80’s then you can’t deny the fact that Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode VI) was one of the most EPIC movies of ALL TIME! With that being said, consider the following….

California-based firm AEROFEX created an aerial vehicle with two ducted rotors instead of wheels, which originates from an early HOVERCRAFT design sketch abandoned in the 1960s because of stability and rollover problems.

The aerospace firm managed to fix the stability issue by creating a mechanical system — controlled by two control bars at knee-level — that allows the vehicle to respond to a human pilot’s leaning movements and natural sense of balance, Innovation News daily reports.

Think of it as lowering the threshold of flight, down to the domain of ATV’s [all-terrain vehicles],” said Mark De Roche, an aerospace engineer and founder of Aerofex.

The hover bike does not require special training and could become a useful tool in agriculture, border control and search-and-rescue operations.  Aerofex does not plan on initially developing and selling a human version of the hover vehicle and instead plans to use the aerial vehicle as a test platform for unmanned drones, it only sucks for those of us out there who aspire to be real life SUPERHEROS!



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