(ahem)…Kanye West has a women’s collection!?

Despite what many people think about Mr. West, (or his antics) at the end of the day he seemingly, is able to achieve any goal he sets in front of him amidst the criticism from everybody with a verifyable twitter account. When you have that many people talking about you … Winner period!

Although I may not agree with his decision to launch a women’s collection, “I get it”. Even though it’s more like when “that funny guy at parties” who wants to be a comedian one day and finally gets the nads to go on stage for the first time…BRUTALITY! (Mortal Kombat voice). I have always supported the asshole, simply because the shoes fit. This time almost feels like the ending result of the Mayweather fight. Very hard to watch! I can say that I appreciate his contribution to the fashion industry, and without his contribution this year, there really wouldn’t be a lot to talk about this season!  #stayfly

Don’t belive me?..ask him yourself @kanyewest


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