HIPSTER!?……the word itself takes me to a place I don’t belong nor want to be. When I hear the word I become mentally bludgeoned with Zimas and people holding onto vowels longer than necessary in a coffee shop that doesn’t sell coffee because thats what we would all expect. As a comedian I would like it to just be cannon fodder but it brings more disgust than hilarity. 

The mere sight of a grown man with scrote high cut off jeans and dress shoes accompanied with a 2 toned beard/mutton chop combo inspires a quick descent from humor to the need to verbally display my discord to a symphony of passer-by laughter. I have never really been one to just so openly not like someone attempting to display some originality, but it is a false endeavor fueled by people who feel as though an instant like for art and reading magazines that no one else reads sets them into elitist status. ERRONEOUS!!!

The fact that this post will only stimulate their point for doing what they do because ‘we don’t understand’ makes everything worse. As much resemblance as Hipsters have to a jaw that is inches from being punched; the only way to stop a fad is to ignore it.

They feed off of disapproval and each scratch on the cut of all that is ‘deck’ infects the skin of our society spreading the Hipster rash. Pour some Tussin in the form of complete neglect on it and move on…….or just throttle them with insults because it feels better.     –B.A.M


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