The Blackbird fly is a twin-lens reflex camera inspired by the original Rolleiflex, an iconic bit of design and photography introduced in 1929 (and though Andy Warhol is not that old, it’s the first type of camera he learned to use!). One lens is used to expose the film, while the other is used like a viewfinder.

Unlike other like cameras which use 120-format film, the Blackbird uses easily-available 35mm film—allowing you to process, print, scan. It’s super unique, though, because it can expose the entire film–including the sprockets. Talk about old school cool. These can also be masked for a more “normal” frame (24mm x 36mm or square 24mm x 24mm).

There are two ways to let the Blackbird fly: For quiet and reflective framing, hold the camera low and look down. Or for a quicker style of shot, use the sports finder, which approximates a viewfinder through a notch in the top of the camera. One in a series of comeback cameras by Japanese cult brand Powershovel.

CARHARTT POWERSHOVEL/BLACKBIRD FLY is part of Carhartt’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.


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