SUPER-producer SWIZZ BEATZ recently traveled to GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, where he is working with luxury Swiss watch brand, AUDEMARS PIGUET. The rapper shows off a new design he created with Audemars Piguet during this Sunday’s episode of “SUCKERFREE COUNTDOWN” with host DJ ENVY. “I went out to Geneva and met with MR. AUDEMARS himself,” Swizz Beatz revealed. “Their designing the next TEN YEARS of AP (Audemars Piguet) and they want me to be on the board and DESIGN team.”

According to Swizz, he took a SIX HR. class on the intricacies of the Swiss-made watch, which has pieces in the collection that SELL FOR MILLIONS. The brand name has already been name checked in lyrics by rappers like RICK ROSS and JAY-Z, who announced a deal to launch a line priced between $50,000 – $100,000, with Audemars Piguet in 2005. “The class was six hours and it was CRAZY dissecting and putting together the movement in the AP, which I have a TOTAL new respect more. Not just wearing it, but the TAILORED MOVEMENT in that thing,” Swizz said.”Sucker Free Countdown” will air on MTV2 this Sunday (October 3rd) at 11:00 PM. Also featured during this weeks episode are N.E.R.D, PAUL WALL, BIRDMAN and CALI SWAG DISTRICT.




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