1 ) Who are you, and where are you from?..

I’m from LA. I went off to France then came back as a DJ

2 ) how did you end up a DJ?...

I was young, at a house party in the south of France, for some reason they brought a lot of alcohol but no music. I had some CDs and started to pop in some beats. After that day all I wanted to do was to be spinning music.

3 ) what kind of music do you Spin?..

House music

4 ) who do you listen to when your not working?..

I’m always working. Checking out a new club, or producing music in my studio till 6am. I don’t watch TV, I don’t play video games!

5 ) are you working on anything new?..

I’m working on a couple of original productions and 2 remixes

6 ) what can people expect at a show from DJ ArsenalFX?..

Expect to see a packed dance floor, good vibes and don’t be alarmed if you see anything crazy happen in the DJ booth

7 ) what do you like about being a DJ

I can drink on the job! (Joking)

8 ) what was one of the best experiences you've had as a DJ?..

I was spinning at an underground warehouse, the vibes were great, the place was getting hot. It some point past 4am I took my shirt off, playing some heavy beats. The crowd was wild. There was a drum set on my stage, I might have had one too many drinks, I started drumming to the music  I was spinning. Let me tell you, I’ve never touched a drum set before.

9 ) have you had any bad experiences as a DJ?..

I was performing weekly at an underground party in downtown Los Angeles. People needed a password to get in the party and it goes till 6am, they sell alcohol all night with no permits. After a good 9 months, the word spread too much, there were too many people packing it. The LA police department vice squad raided the party arrested the operators, the guards, bartenders, door lady and confiscated all my equipment.

10) who are your favorite Dj's of all time?..

Steve Angello

John Dahlback

Calvin Harris


Jose Nunez

11) what do you do when your not spinning?

Producing music.

12) got any groupies?..

I have quite a few hard core fans, but I must say my high school sports teacher, she comes out to a lot of my gigs with her friends.

13) are you straight or gay?..


14) do you smoke weed? drink? pills? gamble? facebook?..

I Drink

15) if you had to endorse any consumer product, what would it be?..why?.. 

Red Bull, I love Red Bull

16) what was the last movie you saw?

A documentary on street art, “Exit Through the Gift Shop

17) what are your thoughts on the oil crisis?..

It’s a terrible tragedy that seems like it could have been prevented if standardized inspections were properly done. We all have to deal with it, but we should seek some form of punishment to those who are accountable.

18) how do you like having a black president?

It’s not about the color of a mans skin. I like our president, I think he is trying really hard. Of course you must realize that he has to undo every problem that we had in the past, these things take time. You can’t logically end a war in 1 day, you can’t fix an economic recession in 1 day.

19) if you could change the world with one song.. what do you play?.. 

Free the Robots, JazzHole

20) if people want to find out more about DJ ArsenalFX where can they find you..


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