15 REASONS :: Why you know nothing about FASHION

…If THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is your favorite movie, or one of the reasons you want to be in the fashion/entertainment industry….then don’t ever speak to me. Your probably a career assistant and absolutely suck at everything you do. Before you ask me anything about fashion or the “biz” kill yourself with the H&M scarf you have on right now!…

If your a movie buff (self proclaimed), or excentric about the tasteful delights in fashion, then I have some really good films about the life in the “Industry”. These are some classic movies that had something to do with my existence in the fashion game to date. Below are a few films to bring up in a social setting that will make you sound like you know what the hell your talking about….

Great movie about Andy Warhol and the crazy ass life he’s had with mind fucking Edie Sedgwick into doing shit at the expense of his own entertainment.

Personally Karl Lagerfeld is one of my favorite designers who has done more for swagger in the fashion world than people think.

Top 5 all time favorite movies, with a classic soundtrack. This might as well be my biography. Eddie Murphy doesn’t make movies like this anymore.

Great movie for assholes and editors! (same thing)

Robert Altmans tounge-in-cheek fashion/murder mystery reminds me of BEST IN SHOW for fashion.

A movie about VOUGE US Editor Anna Wintour, and honestly I would hit that just to loosen her bitter ass up a lil!

The only movie worth watching with Ashton Kutcher in it. Great philosophy on dating in L.A and living the life. Don’t watch it with a date unless she’s the jumpoff!

Valentino will bug you out!..

Really, really, REALLY good looking movie (blue steel face). Will Farrell is fucking HILARIOUS! And with Billy Zane and David Bowie calling the “Walk-off” you’ll have a hard time hearing the movie because you’ll be laughing so much!

Billy D. Williams and Diana Ross had me captivated at a young age when I saw this for the first time. Anthony Perkins with his crazy ass makes a great photographer with a hidden agenda. If your a fashion designer and haven’t seen this, now you have no excuse…

Sick ass movie about sex, drugs, models and photographers in the 60’s

Tragic but sexy movie about super model Gia Carangi that ends the worst way possible. But Angelina Jolie is fucking hot as hell in this biography of a supermodel. Classic fondle footage I promise!

As a stylist and menswear designer this movie was a must see. Jack Taylor was an OG

The only season of PROJECT RUNWAY I actually watched from start to finish, before it moved from the BRAVO network. Jay McCarrol is an awesome fearless designer that innovates and captures his influence in all his work. Very commendable especially from being considered a reality show designer, to becoming a world wide name in 6wks.

Issac Mizrahi is fun to watch period!

There are a lot of fashion films and documentaries out there that are awesome(IF I WERE KING: SEAN JEAN COLLECTION), but these are the ones that at the time they came out, changed peoples perception and gave people a glimpse into the fashion editorial world. David La Chapelle has a cool little short called EYE CANDY: THE CRAZY WORLD OF DAVID LA CHAPELLE. Check it out when you can, he’s a fucking beast behind the camera. All titles are debatable but, in terms of the behind the scenes concept of a world most people don’t know about, these movies did it for me. Not to be confused with stylish movies or OSCAR nominated costume designed flicks, but really good movies to have seen for your own benefit and inspiration…..YOUR WELCOME!


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