MENSWEAR :: The return of Stylish Gentleman – BESPOKEN

Early afternoon on a annoyingly rainy Saturday, was a refreshing menswear show for Bespoken that went great with my tea with mint garnish! An art gallery showing with the new spring looks from BESPOKEN on display thanks to Heidi Bivens (Styling) on the 6th floor in the Museum of Arts & Design near Columbus Circle. A bright and devoted room of opinions were out and attentive for an inspiring men’s collection. C

Familiar models in clothing with an unfamiliar spin on men’s wear. The return of the stylish gentleman with an interesting take on some alternate men’s basics. Britain has lots of influence in this homegrown tailored men’s line of Harrington jackets, Vertical pocket blazers, and a basic color palette that insights a smart purchase.An overall consensus of great clothing for men was common conversation to people familiar with the collection as well as being graced with it’s presence for the first time. Special thanks to Williamson PR, Grenson shoes and Anna Sheffeild Jewelry.




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