I got into the fashion industry for the simple fact that I like to look good in nice clothes. I have always had the ability to look pretty decent in most everything I would buy, or acquire through friends even the ugly stuff. I don’t really look at bad taste in clothes the same as most. I think all clothes have a destination in mind, but sometimes you can get away with it depending on your personality, more of a place appropriate kind of mentality.

Women had a lot to do with the way I dress. I’ve always felt that the kind of women I was attracted to were into men who dressed a certain way, and the idea kind of took on a mind of it’s own. That mentality opened up my mind to experiment outside of passing trends, and fads and other ridiculous shit. We tend to regret how we used to look while mulling over old pictures of trends from back in the day that miraculously resurfaced regardless of how audacious they might of been. I like being able to voice my opinion just from the t-shirt I happen to be wearing that day, or appearing as the cocky bastard at the party with the right pair of shoes that compliment my outfit. Doors have literally opened (and closed) in my behalf just because of the clothes that I decided to wear. Believe it or not, it’s pretty powerful feeling to evoke a reaction before you even speak. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

You wouldn’t believe how style can shape our culture  just by a picture in a popular magazine of the jeans and flip flops Justin Timberlake happens to be wearing, shopping for dumb shit at the whole foods, or how the fashion industry stakes its claim in Hollywood. Red carpets all over the world are making the phrase “who are you wearing” more important than the actors themselves. Everything in fashion is either a conflict of interest, or a gigantic shameless plug. Because of where I sit in this game as sort of fashion coach, my view of the playing field can be progressively bias.

The fashion game is such a hustle from design to production that the benefits can end up to out-weigh the downside to this puzzle, which in turn make it the reason why it’s so sought after by so many people who consider themselves good dressers, or anyone with a sewing machine. The reason why you can live like a Beatle (Macartney, not Ringo) in the fashion industry these days, is because every successful collection a designer puts out is like producing an album. Just like when a new pop star needs production from Pharell Williams or Dr. Dre for beats, and an overall finished copy that ends up to make millions. A clothing designer needs great production to add to the value of the product you end up buying at your favorite store. You would always hear of sweat shops overseas in Asia that employed children to make brand names clothing and ended up selling it for a fortune in the states. Stupid decisions like that are all a part of hiring a good production and marketing  team and avoiding dragging your brand through the proverbial mud, and having an already unimpressed critic or blogger completely destroy the persona what you’ve created before it’s even hits the runway.

I loosely correlate the music industry with fashion world simply because one hand kind of washes the other.It seems that you can be well known just by what you wear in public. If you can portray your self as cool or sexy, clothing designers want to put their clothes on you because of the exposure they get whenever you name-drop one of the designers. Music award shows just ends up turning into a fashion forecast for next season before it even starts. Half of it is seemingly about what you wore, and the other half is all commercial breaks…. Before you know it you’ve left the after party with someone who you just read about in a blog like this, and your watching the night you just had on TMZ! I love the way it’s hit or miss with certain celebrities, and depending on your overall ability to look good or not, having great style can sculpt your career for better or worse. After being this far in the rabbit hole when clothing is concerned, I know that it’s usually the ones who have all the money that can’t dress, and the broke people who spend all their money on how they look.

The cool thing about fashion and style that most people don’t even realize is that no matter what state our economy is in, whether we are at war going through a depression or not. We need to wear clothes everyday. Where someone has to make the clothes we wear, there will always be someone trying to compete for business. Because of the greedy nature to financially capitalize on the very things that protect us from weather and day to day activities. Could you imagine cooking bacon over a stove with no clothes on? Trust me it’s not a good look. Trying to pass off burn marks on your genitals, won’t close the deal!

The fashion industry provides so much in terms of the jobs it takes to produce one outfit, all the careers that it launches, interns it hires, stores it opens up, economic freedom it grants, P.R people it fires, etc…that if there is anything I want people to realize and not take for granted, is that there should be a cohesive thought process that goes on before you would want to introduce your new design concepts to an industry that is finicky and indecisive. I’m not talking about your new graphic t-shirts that you want to develop into a couture line and charge $3000 per shirt. I’m talking about giving your brand a destination or goal. If you think about the lifestyle of the person who will be purchasing your idea, it will seem easier to express your vision as a lifestyle rather than some trend. Brand suicide comes much faster with Swarkovski crystals. Wearing Ed Hardy clothes makes it instant death on arrival. Launching a label without any “swagger” or complete foresight will only fuel the fire that appears in form of the fashion police, and a life sentence with these assholes can truly kill your brand. Just ask the people responsible for coining the phrase “urban” or “streetwear”


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