The essence of the United states can be found in more than just the lyrics to your favorite Johnny Cash song or the soft, warm center of good ‘ole apple pie. Americana spans to demo graph, social class as a sub-culture and as patriotism for the U.S. Artifacts, whole cities, sports teams and event cars and motorcycles embody the term Americana and carry more than just the red, white and blue as a basis for nostalgia.  Americana as it applies to fashion has inspired some of the greatest clothing brands of our time. Pendelton, Filson, Carhartt, Red Wing, Levi’s to even more recently Polo (RRL for them gangstaz), Tommy Hilfiger, Converse and even Dickies to name a few. I’m sure that when Charles Beckmen sold his first pair of work boots for $1.75 in the small town of Red Wing Minnesota(1905), he never thought they would go for $235 at hipster vintage shops in Tokyo (2009)


I like to look at Americana as “staple-savvy”, blue collar chic. Reminiscent of a time when the clothes you wore were appropriate to your trade. Think back to the 1900’s when denim was invented as protection from harsh conditions or work wear service clothing of the 1950’s local mechanic. A lot of newer  labels like Rouges Gallery, Cotton Duck, or Band of Outsiders infuse work wear inspired pieces with more of a trendy interpretations for hipsters at spots like, Mister Freedom and Opening Ceremony. Urban outfitters are also carrying Red wings and flannels inspired by some of the Americana trends that have emerged in the last few years.


Some of the best vintage in Japan all comes from the U.S but if you ever frequent the Rose bowl Flea Market you’ll understand the influence of lifestyle brands like Diesel, Sugar cane denim and even Abercrombie and Fitch.You an see the way Americana has been more prominent with looks at least in the last two years because of a natural evolution of fashion trends being retrospective. Flannels, skinny jeans, vintage boots and your favorite band t-shirt (circa 1990’s) has been the look for the lst year giving more established brands their place in staple fashion s for hipsters and fashionista’s all over L.A to N.Y. Stores like Chucks Vintage (holler @ Jeff) and Craft in L.A have stayed loyal to vintage enthusiasts and the Japanese denim sharks without losing relevance to trend setters and economic uncertainties. Americana brands have always been celebrated for it’s rich culture, inspiring new designers, art and continuing to evolve the presence of fashion around the world.


*Special thanx to: Matt winter


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