February Vogue Russia stars Victoria Beckham on its cover with a military cap and her thumb in her mouth. Not sure what connotation that was supposed to exude, exactly, however the actual fashion shoot featuring Victoria Beckham’s own line of clothing was pretty cool.

Becks told Russian Vogue that the inspiration for her collection was herself, of course, however forties and fifties underwear were influential as well. “I hope the silhouette is what every woman wants to wear,” said Beckham, who claims to have totally lived in all the dresses in order to “work out what feels right.”

Fellow British star Cheryl Cole, however was a tad negative with her comments in a recent interview, saying, “It’s not like stuff we would wear.” And by ‘we’ she meant young women, implying that Beckham’s tastes were out-dated. *Meow*

Meanwhile, Italy has unveiled the first ad poster for Emporio Armani underwear that features both David and Victoria Beckham.article-0-0320a2ec000005dc-877_468x613-560x233



  1. red bottoms, iphone, la perla, diamond ring , swim deep, fall but never break your high heel, never live home without your credit card/ and finally pose for the camera’s!!!!!! “We live not according to reason, but according to fashion” love ya!

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