There is so much beauty in the Armani Couture show. Some excellent pieces inspired by oriental patterns and at the other end of the spectrum, really gorgeous stencil decoration that evokes Western romanticism. The hair really reminds me of Japanese kabuki, which is interesting since Lagerfeld for Chanel was also inspired by Japanese origami paper for his couture collection.armani-couture-4-560x280

The gold dresses are classy. And the patterns are so organic it actually reminds me of Kate Cusack’s recycled zipper jewelry. Also about transforming artificial objects into organic shapes and beauty.And some other shapes and forms which are just different, sheek, elegant….fly!.armani-couture-3-560x280

The only problem I have is the section of purple and yellow clothes right in the middle of the collection on this Paris runway. I don’t know why Armani went there. It’s kind of Willy Wonka – and beautiful women do NOT want to resemble Willy Wonka. So why Armani went there with…don’t know? But I’d love to be endulged…


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