Worlds Most Fashionable Family!

Inaguration Day was a big day for this country, and it’s statement alone has resonated throughout the world! Aside from making history, and becoming the 44th President of the United States of America, this family continues to embody the very definition of class.With the world in awe of this ground breaking time in our history, it’s no wonder why everything they do, say and wear is gonna end up a cover story.

The fashion industry is in an uproar about Michelle Obama’s outfits at her every appearance. Barack has blessed a few covers himsef, with the likes of GQ, Ebony, Rollingstone (just to name a few) and together this power couple are making waves for  American designers with a classy swagger that I love seeing in the White House.

J.Crew had reports of a web crash this past weekend, because of the outfits Malia and Sasha wore the day of the inauguration. The Creative Director for the Brand was unexpectingly surprised at the request for the garments worn at every engagement. Michelle definitely has influenced the girls to always look great, but appropriate. The balance betweent the two has a tendancy to be pulled off without a hitch everytime.


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