…If only they were tattoos. Whenever an accessory has it’s own genre of porn then you know it’s for good reason. Nothing says hello to an amazing set of stems like the right kind of lace! These days, tights and stockings have come a much longer way compared to previous versions of only three options: fishnets, plain-colored or sheer. Though Madonna herself was recently sporting a pair of fishnets in the just-released images of the Louis Vuitton ads, yet that was part of her ‘old school 80s Madonna’ vibe that she wanted bring into the shoot.

If you like your legs sexy this season, take notes and look towards the likes of DKNY, who has art-deco-ish lace tights for $19 – yay! Affordable! If you want to be aiming a little higher in value, Agent Provocateur has incredibly sexy Parisienne stay-up stockings for $70. Chanel’s lace and lycra tights have the pattern in front and black at the back – very dramatic and at an equally dramatic price of $405. Simple rule of thumb, You can tell how sexy they are by how fast they come off. BANG!


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